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Ex-tended Family

You come to me the week after the week after the week after the weekend of the engagement of my daughter…. I know but I get very easily distr…oh look squirrels!

Some of you will already know that my youngest daughter in now fiancéd by treasure hunt, for those of you that don’t, you can read more about that here.  So to celebrate Alison and I went down to Bwich in Wales to Nita’s (ex-mother-in-law) for a small party to celebrate.  We drove across country, it takes about the same time as going via motorway and a more pleasant journey, we arrived to Mike (ex-brother-in-law) cooking up a storm in the kitchen and Nita (ex-mother-in-law) brewing up a storm.  El and Ross had just arrived and first born daughter still in bed; so after chatting for a bit, I went upstairs and “gently” woke her up!  Then I sent up El and Georgina up to try again, by this time Helen (ex-sister-in-law) had arrived so we went over to the New Inn for a swifty and a chat to Robin’s boss.  I have talked about the New Inn before so will not go on about it again, but will say that if ever you are in the area drop in have a drink and do have something to eat, the food is fantastic; this time we just had a drink and a chat.  Then it was back to Nita’s where we were joined by Dave (other ex-brother-in-law) and Jacqui (ex-wife).  We had a lovely afternoon with good food, good company, much laughter and a slide show of the engagement  treasure hunt.

The next weekend was more exs, this time Alison’s and Exeter!  We drove down to Crediton to visit Charlotte (ex-mother-in-law) who is in a care home there, we spent about an hour with her before lunch and then went for a walk around Crediton, we have been to Crediton a few times before visiting but this was first time we had been for a walk round, it is a nice little town with plenty of independent businesses.  We stopped at The Three Little Pigs this is a quirky independent family run pub, where I had a couple of pints of the local beers and we shared a bowl of chilli nachos and very nice there were too.  After we had a walk round the rest of the town before going back for another visit with Charlotte.  We were staying with Rachel (Ex-sister-in-law) so after our time with Charlotte, we went there, where again we had a lovely time with good food, good company and lots of laughter, but no slide show!  In the morning we went to visit Charlotte and after that we met Rachel in The Beer Engine another img_2551.jpgindependent family run pub in Newton St Cyres, that has its own brewery downstairs! Again I had a couple of pints which were very nice indeed, to eat both Rachel and I had the scotch egg and it was good.  This is also somewhere I would recommend as the beer and the food are great.

So we had two nice weekend with our ex-tended family, as someone once said to me, divorce means your family gets bigger!