We’er Back

Where have you been I hear you ask, why the long hiatus?  Well there are two main reasons, both on my part laziness and my incredibly short attention (oo look shiny) span.  Two thing which if you read Curious Month of May’s blog you will see are somewhat of a family trait!  But I thought I would give the blog another go and see how long I can keep it up for this time (oh er misses); so with apologies for the spelling, grammar and interesting use of language, but dyslexic as a bat and all that, here we go.

Saturday we decided to go the the cinema and then out for something to eat; what did we go and see I here you ask?  The much hyped La La Land, which as you probably already know is up for 14 Oscars, but then again so was Titanic!  Was it brilliant or was it terrible, neither it was ok, some nice songs, an ok story and an interesting ending, probably trying to be too clever for its own good in parts and maybe a few more big production numbers would have helped.  Lots of people have been saying it harks back t0 the Golden Age of Hollywood, nah! not really, a few too clever nods and tries; but I think Moulin Rouge is nearer the mark.

After leaving the cinema we went to look for somewhere to eat, we hadn’t booked and with it being early (18:00) we thought we would try on speck, we went to House in Goose Green a place we have been for drinks but still not eaten at, but they were booked up.  We decided to head towards the Market and on the way came across the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Bar a new restaurant on the site of what was Bloom on the corner of Regent Road and Stamford New Road.  It didn’t look that busy, so we thought we would give it a try.  The place looked nice with a large bar and raised seating area, a large dinning area, nice decor but nothing special.  We ordered a couple of cocktails while we perused the menu, img_2466Alison went for a Pornstar Martini and I chose a Long Island Iced Tea, mine was ok but Alison said that here tasted more of orange than passion fruit.  From the menu we chose a half and half garlic bread (half cheese, half tomato) as a shared starter and a couple of Plank steaks (Sirloin stuffed with mushrooms, fresh rosemary, garlic, shallots and served with a green peppercorn and demi glace sauce).  To be honest it wasn’t that good, the garlic bread was on an under cooked pizza base, but it was nice and garlicky.  The steaks were cooked ok, medium rare, but they were a bit chewy and there was not a great deal of mushroom, rosemary, garlic or shallots but the sauce was nice and the accompanying vegetables were cooked well.  The staff were friendly and the service good, but we will probaly not be going back unless things improve.  I suggested we go to Sugar Junction for cocktails and cake for dessert, but unfortunately they had closed early, so we thought the Market House but that was completely full with people patrolling the edges looking for seats.

We nipped across the road to Riddles, one of our favourite places in Altrincham as I have probably said before, it has a speakeasy feel and very knowledgeble staff.  To start with Alison had a Winter Solstice (Chairmans Spiced Rum , Lime , Pineapple, Fraise, Absente Absinthe, Aromatic Bitters) and I had The Eye Of The Chairman (Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum, Cognac, Peach Bitters , Chocolate Chilli Tincture , Lime , Ginger Ale) and very nice they were.

Next up was Lanique, and Lime (Lanique, Yellow Chartreuse, Lime) and Alison said she wanted something smokey, one of the guys behind the bar suggested a Sazerac, but with Johnnie Walker Double Black rather than Cognac or rye, both sipping drinks and again they were very nice.  From there back over to the Market House for another go at getting pudding, but unfortunately Sam Joseph had run out of chocolate fondue, so we had a glass of prosecco and a beer with some wasabi popcorn!  As it was getting late we thought it would be a good idea to get the tram home; we had to wait as there was a problem and they were running late, well there’s a surprise.  While walking home from Sale station we made one last stop in Sale, Vida (which is probably not must of a surprise) IMG_2472.JPGfor a couple of Esspresso Martinis and profiteroles. So leaving the house a 14:20 and arriving home at 23.40, the second part of the evening was the better part but all in all another good day.

PS Guess who has discovered the semi colon!  I now just need to learn how to use it.


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